An easy to use web-based tool to help you manage your real estate investments is a web-based service that helps you evaluate potential properties before you buy and track the properties that you already own.

  • Track monthly income and expenses
  • View detailed performance reports
  • Track vacancy rates and lease expirations
  • Instantly create a Schedule E and Schedule of Depreciation for your taxes
  • Print a Schedule of Real Estate Owned for your loan applications
  • Research appreciation trends
  • Online Document Storage
  • Keep track of your contacts and correspondence

Property Tracker is the ultimate tool for managing your real estate investments.

It gives you monthly updates on all of the key financial indicators, showing you how to maximize your profits and tax savings by making smarter management decisions. You’ll know when to remove your PMI, when to refinance, and when to sell. Just enter your monthly income and expenses and let Property Tracker take care of the rest! It’s real estate management made easy!


Investors use it to analyze deals before they buy the property.
Real estate agents and lenders use it to email professional PDF projections to their clients.

How much it would cost to manage your property without

  • $50/hour for an accountant (non-CPA)
  • $150/hour for tax advice
  • Many hours of your own time
  • Mistakes and missed opportunities that could be worth thousands of dollars
  • Plus, the cost of is tax-deductible!

Property Tracker Pricing Plans